Construction Progress Update June 2018

15 Jun 2018

We are delighted to provide an update on the construction progress for Office Tower 1, OneHub Saigon.

Overall, the construction progress is ahead the schedule.

Please contact us for leasing enquires at (+84) 901 661 669 or

Overview of construction site from D3 street/ Toàn cảnh công trường nhìn từ Đường D3

Starting of brick work in 1st Floor/ Công tác xây gạch cho tầng 1

Installation of rebar and DUL, Zone1 5th Floor/ Lắp dựng cốt thép, cáp dự ứng lực, Khu 1, tầng 5

Installation of rebar and formwork for columns, beams and slab for 6th Floor/ Lắp dựng cốt thép, ván khuôn cho cột, dầm và sàn cho tầng 6